Fast and easy
way to transform
your room

Ruupi is a great interior design tool for visualizing and providing users with the sense of “being there”.

Take a look at how Ruupi can help you

I’m an interior designer
I can create and show my interior ideas to my clients quickly.
I’m a furniture manufacturer
Furniture manufacturer and salesmen are able to create a new funnel for selling and delivering furniture.
I’m a real estate agent
Real estate agents and tenants are able to quickly setup accommodation for sale or rent on an individual level.

Product demonstration

This product video features functionality that is already present in the product, as well as updates planned for the future.

Current workflow

Upload a 360 degree picture of a room.

Design the interior using Ruupi’s asset library.

Export your work and show to your clients!

Consider our unique solution for your workflow


Upload a picture of a room and begin to create an interior design using a portable VR headset. Share it with your clients instantly.

Easy to learn

Control is very intuitive. Special knowledge of interior design software is not needed. Create, share and have fun.


A huge actual furniture and home decor library. You may purchase directly from the app using a VR, laptop or mobile phone.


Easy to use interior design platform in combination with furniture and home decor shopping. Let’s take it global!