What is Ruupi AR?

Ruupi AR is a solution which allows customers to “try on” interior design goods in their home environment virtually.

Ruupi AR can be conveniently integrated in online shops, leaflets, catalogues, magazines, or billboards.

We have created special virtual presentation named Ruupi 2.5d, which helps businesses to move their interior products to Augmented Reality instantly, just by using simple product 2d photo.

Try Solution

Try 2.5d Furniture AR On Mobile Phone

Step stool 43x39x50 cm birch

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What is Ruupi 2.5d?

Ruupi 2.5d is special representation of interior design product in Augmented Reality. It is created automatically from simple 2d image with addional data for better AR viewing.

Why Ruupi 2.5d?

  • One click to create Ruupi 2.5d from simple 2d image
  • Easy integration to your existing online shop
  • Most popular ecommerce platforms support: Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others
  • Automatic 2d image processing to set up correct product size and indicators for better AR experience
  • Try Rug AR On Mobile Phone

    Rug, high pile, blue 5 ' 7 "x7 ' 10 "

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    What Ruupi AR Does?

    It increases the probability that the customer will purchase goods in your shop: seeing the merchandise in augmented reality, the customer is more certain of his/her choice.

    It increases the value of the shopping basket: customers are likely to buy more expensive merchandise when they are sure it fits, as well as additional matching accessories.

    It reduces customer service costs: due to a better understanding of how a merchandise will look in its real environment, it is uncommon for customers to return goods to the shop.